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Gentle, Companion Cats

… long ago some young inexperienced fairies arrived to bestow upon the infant Russian princess seven precious gifts: a fearless spirit, a loyal heart, to be slender and beautiful all her life, every step to be graceful elegance, forever adorned in silver, silk and velvet, two emeralds to glow in the dark and that wherever she travelled she would always meet with love and friendship.Upon seeing the baby in her cradle, they could not believe that so small, pink and wailing object could ever become a Princess, so they turned instead to another nearby crib from where a soothing and rhythmic purring was heard and decided instead to bestow their gifts in this cradle ..........What happened to the infant Princess is unrecorded but the Russian Blue Cat with its emerald eyes, slender grace, silvery coat and loyal heart is the cat we know today. It is thought that the cats were first brought to this country by sailors in 1860 from the Russian port of Archangel and because of this they were known at that time as Archangel cats.



Breeders of True Blues for over 30 years

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